Open Call & Event: Geoclick at The School of Miniclick – June, 2016

For one long weekend this June, from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th, Miniclick are taking over the Eranda Studio at The Photographers’ Gallery, turning the space into a secondary school of photography. The faculty at The School of Miniclick will present their curriculum – a series of talks, workshops, fun and games from a wide range of guest teachers, including David Fathi, Lumine’s Lab, Amak Mahmoodian, Rhiannon Adam, Kevin Meredith and many more.

You can read all about it here.

Our Geography Department have been working on a couple of events. The first is a growing photo map of London called GeoClick that we’ll be creating over the course of the weekend at The Photographer’s Gallery and we need YOUR work for, and the second is our Field Trip: talks from two photographers whose work focuses on travel and journeys with Amak Mahmoodian and Rhiannon Adam. You can read more the Field Trip Talks at this link.


Fri June 17th, Sat 18th & Sun 19th

The Eranda Studio at The Photographers’ Gallery, London


GeoClick – A Photo Mapping Project


Over the course of our long weekend takeover of The Photographers’ Gallery, we’ll be creating a photographic map of London that will grow and spread across the walls and floor of the Eranda Studio as more people submit their work. For GeoClick, our mapping project, we’re asking people to email images from London to us, either geotagged or with the postcode of where the photo was taken. We’ll print them out throughout the weekend and stick them on the walls or floor, according to their location.

Help us to build a photographic map of London, and get your work exhibited in The Photographers’ Gallery! Submission is free and images are welcomed anywhere from Zones 1-6 (the photograph has to be taken in London – the photographer does not have to be based there and images can be new or old). Images will only be used in connection with this event. Please email yours to with “GeoClick Submission” in the subject line.


Fri June 17th, Sat 18th & Sun 19th

The Eranda Studio at The Photographers’ Gallery, London


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