Formed in Brighton in 2010, photography organisation Miniclick curates free talks and discussions, hosts participatory events, workshops and exhibitions and publishes affordable photography books and ‘zines with the remit of being open and accessible to all, experimenting with different ways of looking at images and focusing on stories and ideas instead of kit and cameras.

They’ve worked with some of the most exciting photographers in the world, including Rob Hornstra, Jason Evans, Natasha Caruana, Alma Haser, Maja Daniels, Laura Pannack, Simon Roberts, Lisa Barnard, Mark Power, Jason Larkin, Paul Reas, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Abbie Trayler-Smith, Chloe Dewe Matthes, MacDonaldStrand, Jon Tonks, Stuart Griffiths and Giles Duley. In addition, Miniclick have also worked with a number of international photography festivals and organisations to bring their participatory events and talks to new audiences, including Brighton Photo Biennial and Fringe, FORMAT (Derby), Portrait Salon, Photobookshow, Diffusion (Cardiff) and LOOK (Liverpool).

Miniclick is curated by Jim Stephenson, Lou Miller, Bryony Good, Roz Doherty, Lauren Holder, Marta Benavides, Kristina Salgvik, and Joe Conway and has bases in Brighton, London and Leeds.

If you’d like anymore information please email Jim at jim@miniclick.co.uk


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