Day 17 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

2014 saw a number of photographers heading to Ukraine to document the turbulent situation, including Chris Nunn who spent time in Kalush and published his second book from the region earlier this year. Miniclick team member, Joe Conway, picked it out as a fav for Day 17 of the Advent Calendar…


Christopher Nunn first traveled to Kalush, Ukraine in February 2013 to visit the hometown of his Grandmother. This visit transpired to be the first of many. And despite the problematic language barrier, Chris slowly began to build up an understanding of both the countries turbulent politics and history, and of life in the Ukraine in a broader, more human sense. He is keen to point out that his work isn’t trying to define the country, but rather that it shows a personal journey that is discovering the Ukraine at a particularly important and turbulent point in its own history.


The important times for Chris seem to be the time spent with regular Ukrainians, away from the chaos. Time that is spent learning more about the people, and their every day lives, which allows for quieter moments and a more delicate, indirect dialogue. Presumably then it’s this eye for the everyday and the overlooked that led to the Chris’s latest zine titled Ukrainian Street Dogs. Shot objectively in contrasty black and white, with a full frontal flash the images present these potentially dangerous and unknown animals in a surprisingly upfront and personal manner. There is one particular photograph, a full frontal portrait of a dog, flop-eared and with an inquisitive gaze, which shows how these images as a group cross over from merely documents of street dogs into a series with a real personality and cohesion. These dogs, though disparate and wandering the streets, seem to share something. Framed by Chris’s other projects from the Ukraine this is a strong companion piece to his aim of focussing “on the quieter moments that hinted at the political turmoil within Ukraine in a more subtle way.” *


Ukrainian Street Dogs was published by Village and designed by Passport, its available for nine pounds from Village, it also Includes a 8×6 print and a vintage Soviet dog calendar.

*Its Nice That

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