Day 16 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

Ditto Press are consistently one of our favourite publishers, who combine fascinating content with beautiful design. As such, we generally look forward to any of their new releases but the newest one was one we were especially excited about. ‘Skinhead: An Archive’ is behind door number 16 on the Miniclick Photobook Advent calendar…


Of all the sub culture groups emerging from Britain in the last forty or fifty years, Skins are likely the most divisive, most controversial and most misunderstood and it’s for this reason that this huge book (in scope and in page number) is such a standout for us. Divided into sections, the book looks at the various, and frequently opposing facets of Skinheads from the far right, to the left wing groups, to the prominent gay skinhead scene, female skins and everything in between. Using a combination of archive photos, reproduction of ‘zines from the UK and further afield and contemporary writing from the names on the scene, it provides a fascinating insight.



As you’d expect, it’s beautifully put together combining riso and offset printing. Designed by Jamie Reid (using material curated by Toby Mott) and published and produced by Ditto, it comes in at £38 and is available from Ditto’s website (all photos used here are courtesy of Ditto).

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