Day 18 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

One week to go! For Day 18 of the Grand Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar (which, we need to stress again, is not a definitive list nor is it counting down to a number one), Jim picks out a favourite from AMC, their ‘Amore e Piombo’…


‘Amore e Piombo’ translates to English as ‘Love and Lead’, and so this book of images taken from the archives of Italian agency, Editorial Team Service, traces the Italian ‘Years of Lead’ – the years where Italian politics was marred by shooting, abductions and bombing. This period of history is still shrouded in some degree of mystery but involved the rise of the Communist Party in Italy as an electoral force, opposition to that both in Italy and from the USA and some more clandestine manoeuvres from secret service groups, NATO and the Masonic Lodge.


Edited by Frederica Chiocchetti and Roger Hargreaves (who also provide an enlightening essay), the paparazzo images contained in the book flit between violent crime scenes to political rallies, to celebrities arriving at parties. They combine incredibly powerfully, even for someone (like myself) that didn’t live through these times and indeed knew fairly little about it. The sense that the goings of of these years is still somewhat clouded, adds to a mystery and allows us to start joining the dots and second guessing.

The book costs £29 and is available from AMC.

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