Open Call & Event: The Heart Grows Fonder with Portrait Salon

I / LAND is a new collaboration between Miniclick and Portrait Salon to create all-day events in London and Tokyo to coincide with Portrait Salon’s fifth anniversary. The I / LAND project is a participatory, submissions-based event that culminates in a community day of book making, combining the submissions from Portrait Salon 2015 with a series of submitted seascapes, texts and illustrations; engaging with the idea of the UK and Japan as island nations. I / LAND forms part of Miniclick’s ongoing project, The Heart Grows Fonder. For more info on the London event, click here.

At this stage, we’re asking for submissions, all of which will be printed and included in an event in London on Sat Nov 21st and another in Tokyo in Feb, 2016. As with previous THGF events (at Brighton Photo Biennial and FORMAT Int Photography Festival), all images will be printed and hung for participants to take down and include in their zine’. Everyone is welcome to submit and to join in on the day events. Entry is free for both. Scroll down for submission guidelines.


(participants at FORMAT festival, 2015, with their THGF ‘zines)

We were inspired by an idiosyncratic genre within Japanese literature: ‘Shishosetsu’, or the ‘I-Novel’. The genre mostly basically translates as a form of fictional autobiography. The text is written in the first person, confessional in tone, and includes elements of the writer’s life – it doesn’t make the claims to truthfulness that autobiography does, nor does it reside entirely within the realm of fiction. In this way, Shishosetsu has been described as the form most similar to photography. We wanted to encourage people to construct their own personal fictions within a ‘zine; juxtaposing portrait images perceived as introspective, with the outward-looking images of seascapes from these two island nations.

The purpose of this event is to ask participants to explore notions of selfhood and identity through combining these images and texts to create their own unique edit of the submitted works and, in effect, their own unique version of Portrait Salon’s annual newspaper publication. We’d like to include a variety of images, texts, diagrams and illustrations, all of which relate to the seascape, but we’d like people to be creative with the brief – to explore the idea of these boundaries and what they mean to us individually and as a society. In short: we don’t want to receive hundreds of identikit seaside-at-sunset pictures…

If you’re stuck for ideas, visit the THGF website for inspiration.

Our intention is to explore the physical and spiritual boundaries of those living on these two island nations – to consider both the physical and emotional geography of our own personal landscapes. In combining the portraits with images and texts relating to the water that surrounds and separates us from others, Miniclick hopes to encourage connection and to bring people closer together.

Miniclick's The Heart Grows Fonder. Oct 25th, 2014

(thgf at Brighton Photo Biennial / Fringe, 2014)


Submission Deadline is midnight on Friday 13th November.

Submissions can be photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, short story or poem. Anything that can be printed on a sheet of paper.

Images based submissions must be 300dpi and 30cm (12 inches) along the long edge, RGB.

Text based submissions can be anything from 3 to 600 words.

When submitting work, please name the files as YOUR NAME_YOUR LOCATION_NUMBER (ie Jim Stephenson_Brighton_1)

There is no limit to how many submissions you can make.

Submissions will be credited as: I/LAND : Jim Stephenson / Brighton / 2015

Submissions (and any questions) should be sent to

Please note, all work submitted will be printed in black and white for I / LAND. The online archive will display submissions as they were originally submitted. If you wish, for colour images, you may submit one colour version for use in the online archive, and one black and white version for printing. This is not required however, and we can do the conversion for you.

By submitting work to The Heart Grows Fonder, you do not surrender any copyright or other rights to your submissions. Miniclick claims no copyright but you do agree to Miniclick and Portrait Salon using your submissions to promote I / LAND and THGF, to printing it out for use in the events in London and Tokyo and to adding it to the online archive.  All work will always be credited whenever used.

Miniclick accept no responsibility for legal action taken against anyone submitting work for which they do not have the right to distribute.

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