Talk: Dafna Talmor, Lucia Pizzani and Esme Horne – Mon 27th April

Throughout photographic publications, degree shows and exhibitions we are seeing a growing leaning towards the abstract within contemporary photography. Hand in hand with this movement is a growing interest in vintage and analogue techniques, as if practitioners are looking backwards in order to explore new ground with the medium. Dafna Talmor, Lucia Pizzani and Esme Horne all in their own way explore the innovative and experimental techniques that are beginning to shape this field.

We are very pleased to have all three of them coming to Miniclick to give a free talk in April.


Monday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.


Dafna Talmor



Dafna Talmor is an artist based in London. She creates her Constructed Landscapes by physically cutting and pasting negatives together.

Alongside her practice, Talmor set up and continues to run shared darkroom facilities in London and cofounded the On Landscape Project, an initiative that seeks to instigate discussions and incite debate on representations of landscape through a series of exhibitions, collaborations, events and a dedicated website.

Lucia Pizzani 

30x40lucianegra to size

Lucia Pizzani duopegado-30x40 to size

Lucia Pizzani’s practice includes different media, with an emphasis in photography, video and sculpture. These works are part of a series of ferrotypes – a Victorian method of exposing collodion emulsified plates to light. The result of which is an almost surreal and aesthetically tactile photographic image.

She deals with organic enquiries, as she studied biology at the CERC centre of Columbia University (NY), and uses this as a device to investigate and expose gender issues inspired by historical research.

Esme Horne

Esme Horne 5 to size

Esme Horne DWMA 3 to size

esme_horne_1 to size

Esme recently graduated from Brighton University and is now based in London. Her work is motivated by the potential for manipulation and re-working of photographic processes beyond their indexical purpose. Working in the darkroom, she encourages the chance aspect of engaging with the simple elements of light, a lens and photographic paper. Her work explores the physicality of the photograph and process as a fundamental conceptual construct.


Monday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.



  1. Reblogged this on The Philosopher's Vision and commented:
    I attended this lovely talk yesterday at the Old Market in Hove, Brighton. This was a lovely experience as this is where I have been shadowing Stephen Bull, the course leader of Photography at University of Brighton. So far this experience on my first day was very intriguing and insightful, especially to view all the planning that goes on behind the scenes of another BA photography course in the second year, which I am currently in at UCA Farnham

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