Project: The Miniclick Mobile Library

// The Miniclick Mobile Library //
Our Traveling Photo Bookshelf


The Mobile Library was launched in March 2015, providing a travelling library of photography and illustration books and ‘zines and an online outlet to help market them. As we visit festivals around the country and host our own events, we bring a selection of the books that have been donated by publishers, photographers and artists, for the public to peruse. The idea is to create a relaxed atmosphere where visitors can sit down and read through a book, without pressure, and we can give them more information on it (including where to purchase a copy).

All submitted books are photographed and reviewed before being added to a new website (to launch in Spring 2015) that will be a platform for self-publishing and independent books and a portal for people to purchase them.

The Mobile Library’s first stop was FORMAT 2015 and we currently hold donations from Hoxton Mini Press, GOST, John Maclean, Ally Lethbridge and many more.

We’re always looking for new submissions. We don’t take any money from sales, or ask a fee to submit your book or zine. All we need is one copy to be added to the website and The Mobile Library.

Email for more information.


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