Day 19 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

Earlier this year we had a Miniclick outing to the Media Space to see their new exhibition from Joan Fontcuberta, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. So much so that Bryony Good picked out his new book from MACK, ‘Pandora’s Camera’ for Day 19 of the Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar…


After visiting Joan Fontcuberta’s exhibition ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ at the Science Museum this year I became entranced with his surreal and magical approach to examining photography’s truth functions. His work reflects a humorous yet highly insightful look into photographic language, leading me to further explore his photographic theories.


Pandora’s Camera is the first English translation of a collection of essays by Fontcuberta, in which he analyses the advances of photography in the modern age. Using the metaphor of Pandora’s box he further questions the truth functions of the photograph in both the digital and the analogue. The digital photograph, with it’s manipulative nature presents a new association with closeness to reality which can be abused.

The study of this is explored through both Fontcuberta’s work, and the work of others that is present in contemporary photography today. It’s a collection of relative and poignant essays that anyone working within the field should read.


In his witty and clever style Fontcuberta’s critical reflections point out the endless possibilities photography still provides its users.

It’s available for £15 from MACK.

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