Day 3 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

Day 3 of our Grand Photobook Advent Calendar and Nicoletta Barbata takes us through one of her favourite book’s of the year…

When I think about Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh I think of a great tiny book which well represents what photography is about and what we love about photography at Miniclick. Photography should arouse curiosity, should whet your appetite to know more. It can be communicate in hundreds of different ways. If it’s done with a sense of fun, then what else do you need?


Eleanor Macnair is not a photographer (and apparently she is the only one to be proud of saying that, that’s indeed why she’s not a photographer!), but definitely she has got a sharp sense of humour. In recreate famous images in colourful Play-Doh, she found a way to remind us that photography could even be playful!


Started as a tumblr project, Photographs rendered in Play-Doh has become for me an appointment to test my knowledge about photography and to discover new talents and re-discover iconic pictures I forgot.


It’s almost a pocket book – the design is very clean and simple and I appreciate the choice not to pair the play-doh with the original as it pushes us to research about the picture and the artist. I’m not really sure how they did it, but the cover even feels a bit like Play-Doh.

It comes in five different colours – why settle for just one (for £19.99) when you can have the full box set for £90.00? MacDonaldStrand will help with the answer. What’s more, there’s a launch party on Friday at Atlas in London!

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