Everyone is a Curator – Follow Up

On the opening weekend of Brighton Photo Fringe, 2013, we hosted the first ever Miniclick Response Exhibition at the Fringe HQ at Phoenix, Brighton with Lucy Bell.

The Miniclick Response Exhibition. Nov 2013. Jim Stephenson.

The idea was that people would be able to submit images in advance, or bring them along on the day and we would project them on to the big screen. As we were scrolling through them, we could send selected images to a printer, to be printed off and added to the pinup wall in a growing, evolving, constantly changing exhibition. When I say “we” I mean the collected masses, the public, plus two of the Fringe’s selected emerging curators, Lulu Evans and Kayung Lai, and special guests Eleanor MacNair (White Space), Helen Trompeteler (NPG), Rachel Segal Hamilton (Ideas Tap), Laura Pannack (photographer), Lucy Bell (Lucy Bell Gallery) and myself, Jim Stephenson (Miniclick Founder). Anyone was free to shout out when they saw an image that caught their eye, which would spark a discussion on the image, the series it came from and if it fitted the themes that were emerging in our evolving wall. Or indeed, if it was strong enough to start a new theme off.

The Miniclick Response Exhibition. Nov 2013. Jim Stephenson.

We had an overwhelming response. In total we had almost 100 photographers submitting a total of more than 700 images  from all over the world. We had to extend the event into a second day to get through it all! Coupled with that, we had a constant stream of people dropping in to get involved in the mass curation.

The event was very much an experiment, and Lucy and I were excited to see how people reacted to it. How themes emerged, grew or were discarded as more images were printed off. How different people had a totally different take on these themes. And what it is to make everyone the curator. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved with it (not least Clive Flint for all his help printing it!).

The Miniclick Response Exhibition. Nov 2013. Jim Stephenson.

Toward the end of the event, we started to ask people to pick out their standout photos from the finished wall. Through this process, we have democratically chosen 10 images to be printed larger and go on to Lucy Bell’s gallery and be exhibited there for a week from 15th-22nd November, with a preview on Saturday 16th 6-8pm.

The chosen images were by Christopher Bethell, Jocelyn Allen, Richard Cutler, Peter Gates, Sam Laughlin, Margaret Mitchell, Nikosono,  Kajal Nisha Patel,  Kristina Salgvik and Amelia Shepherd.

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15th-22nd November, with a preview on Saturday 16th 6-8pm. Lucy Bell Gallery


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