20th October 2012 / Laura Pannack Workshop

Miniclick are pleased to present a full day workshop from Laura Pannack, exploring how we approach, interact and engage with our subjects. Saturday October 20th, on Location in Brighton. The full day workshop costs £90 and includes a roll of film, developing and printing costs plus a chance to exhibit work created on the workshop in the city. Please contact Jim or Lou on miniclick@clickclickjim.com to book.

The relationship between subject and photographer

Together we will explore how we approach, interact and engage with a subject. The day will be broken into a trail of tasks challenging each participant to explore how their behaviour is reflected in the final image

A variety of scenarios will be considered in the quest to unravel what makes a portrait personal.

This workshop will be ideal for anyone with a passion for film photography and portraiture . An understanding of film photography is essential and participants must bring a camera of any format to use on the day.

The session will be divided into 5 stages…

Introduction and preparation

Shooting trail

Debrief (during which time the film will be processed and printed)



Laura Pannack

A huge thank you to Colourstream for generously supporting this workshop.

Saturday 20th October, all day / £90 / email Jim or Lou on miniclick@clickclickjim.com to book


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