11th November 2012 / Slideluck Potshow

The miniclick photography talks and Slideluck Potshow team up to present a Sunday afternoon of food and photography as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. Sunday, November 11th, 12:30pm. The Green Door Store, Brighton. Free Entry.

Poster designed by Claudia Mozzillo

Slideluck Potshow was created in New York in 2000 and has since spread to around 50 cities all over the world. This year marks Slideluck London’s fifth birthday and to celebrate, the miniclick photography talks are teaming up with them to bring Slideluck Potshow to Brighton for the first time, as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. The event will be a retrospective of the last five years in London, which has featured some of the world’s best photographers and film makers.

The evening is curated by Louise Clements and Rebecca McClelland and will feature work from 24 incredible artists. A raffle will also be held during the afternoon.

Food is an vital part of the Slideluck Potshow events, with attendees encouraged to bring along food they’ve prepared at home. The first couple of hours is spent mingling, chatting and trying all the food that has been laid out. Then everyone grabs a seat to watch a slideshow of work by various photographers.

From SLPS…

“Slideluck Potshow is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and photography. Slideluck operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about fifty cities around the world.

Slideluck brings diverse groups of people, artwork, food, and perspectives together under one roof. From this diversity something unique and magical is born. The work of established artists is shown alongside that of emerging and non-professional artists.”

So, get your cook books out for an alternative Sunday lunch! Entry is free and we kickoff with laying out the food from midday. It’s not required for entry, but please do try and bring some food along with you! We’re really pleased to have The Green Door Store hosting this event, so the bar will be open as well.


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