Leeds: CHINA with Adrian Davies and Yan Wang Preston, 6th June ’18

In Leeds this June we are looking into photographic representations of China with two photographers who have been working to explore the land and culture of one of the worlds most populated countries.


Wednesday 6th June, 2018. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Brunswick, Leeds. 

Free Entry.


Adrian Davies

Adrian 1Adrian 3Adrian 2

Adrian Davies’ work reflects on global connectivity. Often incorporating a multi faceted approach to photographic image making to comment on the themes of globalisation and cultural homogenisation. Whilst also highlighting the relationship of the photographic act and the experience of being in a specific location to photograph.

The series ‘Veins’ presents a vision of mega cities in the Far East. Examining the relationships between the utopian city skyline images to those captured on the ground. The series highlights the infrastructures that ensure a city has services to function. Often hidden from view, these essential city veins of wires and pipes expand as the city evolves and strangely mimic the organic growth of nature. The series show a city in development that is not a part of an architectural design for urban utopia.


Adrian is a practitioner and academic based in the north of England. His photographs have been exhibited and published, with prints held in public and private collections.


Yan Wang Preston


Yan Wang Preston is a British-Chinese artist interested in how landscape photography can reveal the hidden complexities behind the surface of physical landscapes. Her major projects include ‘Mother River’ (2010-2014) and ‘Forest’ (2010-2017).

Preston’s work has won major international awards such as the 1st Prize, Syngenta Photography Award (2017), the Shiseido Photographer Prize at the Three Shadows Photography Annual Award in Beijing, China (2016) and the Reviewers Choice Award at FORMAT, Derby (2014).

Solo exhibitions of Preston’s work has been shown at venues such as the 56th Venice Biennale, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Wuhan Art Museum, Gallery of Photography Ireland and Impressions Gallery in Bradford, UK. Important group shows include Dubai Photo (2016) and Syngenta Photography Award exhibition at the Somerset House, London (2017).

Her monographs ‘Forest’ and ‘Mother River’ will be published by Hatje Cantz in 2018.


Wednesday 6th June, 2018. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Brunswick, Leeds. 

Free Entry.


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