Brighton: Industry with John Spinks and Joseph Murphy, 26th June ’18

This June we explore the effects of industry with talks from John Spinks and Joseph Murphy. Both photographers take different approaches to exploring the people, the places and the lives that surround industry.


Tuesday 26th June, 2018. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Marwoods, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


John Spinks

For over 15 years, John Spinks has been photographing the small mining village in North Warwickshire where he spent his childhood. He left the village aged 18 to pursue the study of photography, and in 2000, began the process of engaging with his past through his work.

Spinks’ large format colour photographs are both sober and beautiful, suggesting the possibility of an uncanny hidden narrative in both the landscape and its inhabitants.

The photographs are a melancholic meditation on the themes of belonging and identity, the images somehow familiar yet oddly unsettling. In both his portraits of the villagers – some of whom he has known since childhood – and the landscape that surrounds them. Through Spinks’ lens, we are granted intimate access to a guarded world.

Although Spinks grew up within the confines of the village, his gaze is simultaneously that of a local and an outsider, reflecting his experiences as a child and the adult he became. Through his photographs, Spinks explores the darkness and light of his past through the present, articulating notions of a particular kind of Englishness.

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Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy is a documentary photographer who is currently based in Brighton.  He manages his photographic work, both commercial and personal, around his workplace representative responsibilities that he conducts for Unite the Union and has incorporated that experience into his image making.   The themes of traditional industry and redundancy were explored in the final days of the Ebbw Vale steel plant which was exhibited at the National Waterfront Museum in Wales.  His most recent body of work has focussed on the environment of the office and how it impacts on employee’s health and wellbeing.

OfficeJM Image 2Office


Tuesday 26th June, 2018. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Marwoods, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


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