Talk: Change with Les Monaghan and Curtis James, 28th Nov, 2017

On the 28th November, we’ll be hosting an evening of talks from image makers working on what Cornell Capa in 1974 would have called “Concerned photography” when he founded the ICP.

The night will feature work that is socially and politically minded, and that has been created to educate and change. Les Monaghan is our first speakers. His ongoing project Relative Poverty is being created with families in Doncaster South Yorkshire who have been defined as destitute. Curtis James will also be speaking and the night is a collaboration between Miniclick and Curtis who is about to embark on a project documenting the lives of residents on three estates in East Brighton. He’ll be going back to the place he grew up to capture some human stories of an area that often has negative stats and stereotypes thrown at it.

More speakers TBA…


Tuesday 28th November, 2017. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Old Market, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


Les Monaghan




Les Monaghan is a photographer interested in community, representation, history, and myth. Previously a press photographer schooled in unambiguous imagery, his practice has travelled full circle from deconstructing the documentary method through successive projects; staging photographs, working with texts, collaborative work and re-contextualisation, to a return to storytelling through documentary photography and captioning. He lives and works in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Long term projects in the area include, assimilation (2006 – 2008), Aspirations Doncaster (2014), The Desire Project (2016) and the ongoing documentary work, Relative Poverty (2016 – 2017). Works are often shown on a large scale engaging directly with the public. He has exhibited and been published nationally and internationally.


Tuesday 28th November, 2017. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Old Market, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


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