Interview: William Lakin

William Lakin came to speak for us in July for our summer hoods themed event, we interviewed him further about his project Good Times For Free…


Good times for free shows very honest depictions of young people ‘the night after’. What were the people in the portraits responses to you?

It varied from place to place; on my second trip I visited a resort called Kavos which had been the subject of a TV documentary the year before and had been shown in a very negative and polarising way. This meant that the workers were far more apprehensive about talking to me and being photographed. Other than this the response was generally good, people were largely open and friendly.

13 W Lakin

What did you learn about the industry of young Brits working in Magaluf and similar places?

I learnt that whilst the workers are connected by the need to escape their home lives and live, albeit temporarily, without responsibility there is not a lot else that unites them or qualifies a stereotype – even the age of seasonal workers varies more than you’d expect.

Mag 018

There must be a lot of interesting sides of this industry to capture out there. Do you have plans to do any similar projects?

Not at the moment; in fact I am making a point to make work much closer to home after having spent the past three years working on something I could only afford to have access to for a couple of weeks a year.

zero 004



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