Talk: Photography and Sculpture – 24th April, 2017

For April’s photography talk we are focusing on photography’s ever growing relationship with sculpture. The physicality of photography is becoming a subject that’s being explored more and more as the digital world evolves and seemingly takes over. We have invited photographers working to contradict this assumption to come and tell us how they work physically with photographs.


Monday 24th April, 2017. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Old Market, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


James Murray

Torso-InstallUntitled Touch WEB2MA show Install

Drawing upon a range of theoretical and art-historical references, the work of James Murray takes the photographic as a critical concept for thinking through an interdisciplinary art practice.

Ideas of touch, trace, surface, materiality and desire are explored through a diverse range of materials and techniques. Individual works are brought together in self-reflexive installations, seeking points of tension between abstraction and figuration.

Born 1988, Murray lives and works in Brighton UK.

Livia Smith

Livia 2Livia 1

Livia works primarily with the possibilities of photography and video, her practice also takes shape through the influence of other disciplines such as sculpture and performance.

She’s interested in the concepts of embodiment, exploring what it means to be part of the human experience. In her current sculptural project, she is exploring this with regards to the role of skin.

“Here I’m interested in both its materiality and sensory engagement. By nature, skin allows us to be sensible and sensate. Through touch, we can understand others and they can understand us. It gives us the ability to form tactile interactions, which in turn, make us human.” – Livia Smith

Phoebe Mead

Pheobe 3Pheobe 2Pheobe 1

Throughout her studies, Phoebe has become fascinated with the notion of positive and negative space whilst exploring the relationship between light and dimensionality.

Although generally exploring space through ‘straight’ analogue photography, Phoebe’s images appear to possess sculptural characteristics due to her focus on voids within the environment created by light and architecture. In her most recent project, she begins to focus further on these ‘voids’ and empty spaces within the street. To Phoebe, the voids she captures represent issues that are pertinent in today’s society, connoting the divide within culture and politics.

Photography &

Livia and Phoebe have also worked together throughout their degree exploring photography and sculpture and have recently embarked on the creation of photography publication ‘Photography &’.

“Through our publication, our aim is to produce an exciting new platform that offers dialogue into the ever-expanding field of photography. Varying the theme of each issue, we will explore photography’s employment through several types of cross-disciplinarily art practice. Here we will present the possibilities made when forming an inclusive approach to image making.

We believe that art should be accessible to all. It is a language that re-imagines the world as we know it and it can be interpreted by anyone and everyone.” – Livia Smith


Monday 24th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  The Old Market, Brighton. 

Free Entry.

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