Open Call: Miniclick at the Bicycle Film Festival Brighton

Brighton is awash with festivals – a month (or a week) rarely goes by without something new going on and in July we welcome back a favourite of Miniclick, The Bicycle Film Festival. Last year we put on a series of cycling and photography themed talks. This year, we’re creating an audio-visual of classic and favourite cycling photographic images, featuring voiceovers from the public, discussing why they like it so much and why it means so much to them. The videos will run on a loop at the BFFB Launch Night on Thursday 14th July in Brighton.


1978 Rider Protest

A young Bernard Hinault already bossing the peloton, leads the strike in Tarbes in 1978. Image chosen by Jim Stephenson.

Do you have a favourite cycling image? It can be a classic, or something simply personal. Any image is applicable, so long as it wasn’t taken by you. If you can’t pick one, don’t worry, you can submit up to three. We just need you to record 15 to 30 seconds of audio (lofi on your phone is fine) of you describing why you like that image so much.

Is it a classic image showing a historically significant moment or a favourite rider?

Is it a something totally personal to you, of friends and family (or yourself)?

Is it simply an image that gets you excited?

Anyone can take part (you don’t have to be an avid cyclist or photographer), and we’re after a mix of cycling disciplines. Simply send you image and audio to (please use Dropbox, wetransfer or similar for large files). The deadline is Wednesday 13th July, 2016.


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