Talk: The Miniclick Valentine’s Special – Weds 17th Feb

Ah Love, a many and varied thing that has inspired and tormented artists equally for centuries. This February, we present a very special Valentine’s event, with two of our favourites presenting work that explores different aspects of love and relationships.

Gary Cohen will guide us through his journey on Tinder, that resulted in his self published pack of photography cards, ‘Rejected’, documenting some of the 1,000 rejections he had on the dating platform. Sian Davey will be discussing her beautiful and touching project, ‘First Love’, which was inspired by her own son Luke and his first love, Amy.

So, come and join us and fall in love with photography all over again…


Wednesday 17th Feb. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at  The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.


Sian Davey


Scan009 copy

Scan004 copy

Sian Davey is a photographer with a background in Fine Art and Social Policy. She has run a private Psychotherapy practice for the past 15 years. Her work is an investigation of the psychological landscapes of both herself and those around her. Her family and community are central to her work. Having recently completed her MA in Photography, she is currently part of the MFA programme at Plymouth University.

Gary Cohen




Hailing from Los Angeles, many have wondered why I chose to move to London five years, eight months, and twenty two days ago. Sadly, it was by unanimous request by the beautiful people of LA to leave their city and harass some other poor girls on the other side of the pond. The move went fairly smoothly, except for the side-effect of causing the volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajökull a day later. Besides causing global devastation, I enjoy taking walks along the Thames, visiting museums, and watching independent cinema. Some have called me opinionated, but, honestly, they don’t know what they’re talking about. I enjoy deep conversations about art, philosophy, science, and what Kim Kardashian is up to. I’m a firm believer in astronomy. I’m often asked, mainly by women, how I would like to die. I currently have one black cat, but after a recent trip to the vet, they told me he is too stressed at home. I am looking for a cat psychologist. I’m gainfully employed, wash daily, and brush my teeth twice a day. Some of my hobbies include guessing the time of day without looking at the clock, picking a number between 1 and 45,000, and am an avid reader of photo books.


Wednesday 17th Feb. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at  The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.


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