Day 23 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

Two days to go! Pretty exciting, but not as exciting as the output from Hoxton Mini Press this year – they feature behind today’s door on the Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar…


(Zed Nelson)

Set up last year, Hoxton Mini Press has now published a series of incredibly strong photography and illustration books all based around East London. In addition to the content (which we’ll come on to), the appeal of their books for us is in their ethos; affordable as possible without scrimping on quality of design. Most of the books are around £12 or £13, hardback and laid out superbly.


(Martin Usborne)

In this post, we’ll just focus on a couple of their photographic books, but it’s worth checking out their illustration ones to. Concentrating exclusively on one area of one city (albeit one very lively area) hasn’t hampered the variety of work HMP can publish. Their first photobook was from Martin Usborne (one of the two founders of HMP, along with Ann Waldvogel). Titled “I’ve Lived in East London for 86 ½ Years” the book follows Joseph Markovitch, who has left London only once (to visit the seaside with his mother). Combining Martin’s photos with Joseph’s quotes creates a beautifully charming and humorous book.


(Martin Usborne)

A more recent release, Zed Nelson’s ‘A Portrait of Hackney’ mixes portraits, landscapes and snippets of overheard conversations and verges upon a love letter from Zed to the part of London he grew up in. You get the feeling it’s one of those projects that will continue to get better with time, as a document of a period of huge change in East London.


(Zed Nelson)

Head to Hoxton Mini Press’ website to see the full range.

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