Day 9 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

Day 9 and Miniclick team member, Bryony Good picks out one of her favs of the year from someone we worked with a fair bit in October. It’s Louis Porter’s ‘The Anatomy of Business’…


We were lucky enough to play host to ABC photographer Louis Porter this October as part of our Another Way of Looking” programme for October, alongside Brighton Photo Fringe.

His body of work titled “Anatomy of Business” examines the visual language of business through the appropriation of an archive of 1980’s financial newspaper photographs, acquired by the artist in early 2008.


The book is made up of archive images rephotographed and in the process edited, cropped and organised into an anthology of the visual language of business. The collection of black and white images are beautifully curated into a succession of gestures, creased suits and office plants. The perfect anatomy of business.

Louis found the archive of an Australian financial newspaper that ran briefly in the 1980’s on the porch of one of his friends. Seeing the potential for exploration of photographic language he took it all and began to sift though the hoards of images.

This collection shows how images taken out of their original context can provide an interesting insight into the visual language of photography. The imagination is employed to fill in context from what we see before us.

The juxtaposition of grainy snaps and composed scenes are taken from completely different contexts, pulling together what would seemingly be a miss-match of images into a seamless portrayal of the power of photographic language.


Aptly printed on newsprint the publication has the inky quality of a publication found sat on the seat of a commuter train or strewn on the pavement of a grey building lined street. This  texture adds a physical nostalgia to the publication giving the images an essence of their original form.

The Anatomy of Business is available here, for $10 plus $5.50 international postage.

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