Workshop / Talk: Rob Hornstra

On Wednesday we said farewell to Rob Hornstra who has been over in England to work with Miniclick during our Another Way of Looking programme, hosting a talk about The Sochi Project and his DIY Storytelling Workshop. There can be very few photographers who are as generous in sharing their stories, methods and ideas as Rob and the workshop and talk alike were a fantastic insight.




The Sochi Project, which Rob worked on for four years with journalist Arnold van Bruggen (pictured above making an appearance at the workshop via satellite linkup), is a body of work we’d been following since it’s inception and so we were delighted we could work with Rob. Over the course of his time with us the scope of the project became even more impressive, both in the sheer scale of it and in the clarity of the storytelling, with Rob and Arnold focusing on a series of stories from the Sochi region and releasing a range of publications during the four years. Needless to say, everyone came away with a more informed insight into what was (and is) going on in that part of Russia, and an appreciation of the dedication a project like that takes. Plus a pretty hefty dose of inspiration too!

We’d highly recommend spending some time on their website looking through everything.

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