Interactive Talk: Jason Evans

Last Monday, as part of our Another Way of Looking programme, we hosted Jason Evans at The Miniclick Business Concern for his interactive, participatory talk ‘The Anarcho Cyclist Disko’ and it caused quite a rumble. Lots of chords being struck amongst the audience as Jason took us through his ways of working, The Daily Nice and his thoughts on photography, all interspersed with participatory workshop exercises, readings and some great music.

The evening opened with Jason using a dice (from his bast collection) to physically connect everyone in the room, breaking everything down and setting the tone for what was to come. We ended by breaking into groups and creating poses, photographed by Jason, based on three randomly unconnected words (a verb, noun and adjective). If you weren’t there and you get the chance to see Jason talk, we can’t recommend it enough…





(all photo Jason Evans)

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