Event: Everyone’s a Curator

On Saturday 11th October we bought back our ‘Everyone’s A Curator’ event for the Brighton Photo Fringe and Biennial, an evolving experimental exhibition that is created and curated during the day by the collected masses.

We had loads of people come to the Miniclick Business Concern  during the day to help with the curation. We spent 6hrs going through the submitted images on a projector, selecting ones that caught the crowd’s eyes and printing them there and then to be pinned on the wall and added to the exhibition, in an attempt to make a coherent presentation from over 150 completely unconnected submitted images. As the day went on, images appeared that fitted into a series of clustered themes that had been growing and growing. Clusters began to merge into one another and images were moved around to accommodate this.

As an exercise in creating connections between a series of random images it was fascinating. Equally fascinating was to see how a group of people can interpret the same images in completely different ways.

Everyone’s a Curator – Sat 11th October, 2014 from The Miniclick Photography Talks on Vimeo.

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