The Photobook Advent Calendar – Dec 20th

This year, in the true spirit of Christmas, we’re doing the Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar where we’ll look at a different photobook, newspaper, magazine or ‘zine we like by someone we’ve worked with in the last 12 months, right up until Christmas Day. To view the Advent Calendar picks so far, click here.

Day 20 – December 20th

Darwin Magazine

Back in November we did a Paper Fair, featuring lots of self publishers, independent publishers, illustrators and graphic designers. We had people coming from all over the country to show their work off and sell their wares from established artists to up and coming folk. Ryan and Harry from Darwin Magazine came down with their first three issues, and here we feature Issue 3…


(image by Ward Roberts)

“Darwin Magazine is a Bi Monthly printed Magazine which provides a platform for unestablished photographers as well as those who have left an impression upon the photographic world. Every two months a printed photo journey, full of interviews, features and essays on exciting and fresh photographers.” 

Issue 3 of Darwin Magazine (which we’re looking at here), features work by Simen Johan, John Horvarth, Helen Sear and Ward Roberts with essays from Alexander Norton (on Simen Johan’s work) and Matthew Simmons (on Ward Roberts’ work), themed on Outward Perspective. Having  just four photographers allows Darwin to really focus on each body of work, and in turn allows the images to be printed good and large.

The work is varied, without jarring against each other. A highlight for me is Ward Roberts work, which I’d not seen before. He depicts a series of empty sports courts in mellow pastel colours. That said, all the work is really strong (worth checking out Simen Johan’s work). The layouts and design are simple with images afforded a good amount of space. I only have Issue 3, but I’m going to order the latest issue in the hope the quality of work shown is maintained (which I’m sure it is)!

Issue 2, 3 and now 4 are available on Darwin’s website and cost £5, £5 and £6 from here.


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