20th and 21st Oct 2012 / A Weekend of Workshops

The miniclick photography talks and Create Studios, Brighton present a weekend of photography workshops from 6 photographers and previous miniclick speakers. Each of the workshops lasts 2.5 hours and costs £48 (inc VAT) to attend. Saturday 20th October and Sunday 21st October. The workshops are hosted at Create Studios, New England House, Brighton and Hove.

Working closely with Brighton’s Create Studios, the miniclick photography talks have curated a weekend of short workshops lead by a selection of photographer’s the talks have worked with before. The workshops will run over the weekend of 20th and 21st October.

For booking inquiries please contact Create Studios.

In addition, we’ve also put on two full day workshops with Laura Pannack and Luca Sage. Please click here for more info on Laura’s full day workshop and here for Luca’s full day workshop.

Here’s the photographers involved (click on their names for more info on the photographers, and more images)…

Murray Ballard

“Project Development”

Murray’s workshop is aimed at photographers in the process of developing a project. Using his experience with long term projects such as “The Prospect of Immortality”, Murray will guide attendees through the stages involved in taking a project from inception to completion and beyond, including logistics, planning exhibitions and publications and getting the word out there in the media. Murray and the class will also spend some time on a crit session on the projects the attendees have been working on (the project can be at any stage, and does not need to be anywhere near complete). The class is limited to 8 people and attendees will need to bring along examples of their work, or if they have none, work by others that has inspired their project.

Saturday 20th October, 10am to 12:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

Emma Critchley

“An Introduction to Water Based Photography”

The aim of Emma’s introduction to water-based photography is to give the attendee inspiration about ways of working with water in lens-based media as well as offering practical advise on working in aquatic environments. Emma will cover how different artists, photographers and film makers have worked with water in the past, the equipment that can be used, working in different aquatic environments and technical tips specific to working with water. This is a practical workshop, limited to 12 attendees who will need to bring their camera with them.

Saturday October 20th, 1pm to 3:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

Jean Luc Brouard

“Bare Light Portraits”

Jean-Luc specialises in working light and utilising “raw-light” – studio lights with shapers. He’ll be taking his class through the technical side of doing this in the field, demonstrating how to use kit for results when time & equipment is at a minimum. Also he’ll give an insight into how you can bend the “rules” to use kit in a way it wasn’t designed for but to still give a good outcome.

This workshop will be practical with students given ample chance to put what they’ve learnt into practice – they will need to bring a camera with them! This class is limited to 10 students.

Saturday October 20th, 4pm to 6:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

Luca Sage

Luca will be taking his class through his experience shooting editorial portraits whilst traveling light with just one light and on location – how he works when he needs to travel with a compact kit bag. This is a great opportunity to learn this art from a four time Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize nominee. This is a practical workshop and students will have the opportunity to take photos during this period with mini editorial style briefs.

Sunday October 21st, 10am to 12:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

Ewen Spencer

“Forging Relationships and Making Pictures”

Ewen will be taking a class of maximum 12 people, through a workshop dedicated to bridging the gap between the photographer and their subject matter. This is a practical course and Ewen will be showing images and videos of him at work in a personal and commercial context, as well as sharing scrap books and his experiences in the lead up to making an extended body of work such as his acclaimed Open Mic project.

An open critique towards the end of the day looking at attendees personal work. Attendees are not obliged to bring their own folios of work although contribution from all is encouraged.

Sunday October 21st, 1pm to 3:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

Laura Pannack & Rhiannon Adam

Photo: Laura Pannack

Photo: Rhiannon Adam

“Alternative Processes”

Laura and Rhiannon will be taking their class through the ins and outs of alternative photography processes, most notably, shooting with polaroid. Attendees will be taking photos.

Sunday 21st October, 4pm to 6:30pm / £48 (inc VAT)

For booking inquiries please contact Create Studios.


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