09th Oct ’12 / Phoot Camp Pecha Kucha Night

An evening of short talks by Phoot Camp participators from around the world, both in person and via satellite link. Tuesday October 9th, 7pm at The Old Market. Free entry.

Photo: Ryan Schude and Lauren Randolph

To kick off the programme of events the miniclick photography talks have curated for this year’s Brighton Photo Fringe, they are collaborating with Phoot Camp to put on a transatlantic Pecha Kucha evening of short talks by 12 photographers who have worked with Phoot Camp in the past. Some of the photographer’s will be appearing in person and some will be appearing via satellite link.

Pecha Kucha is a lively format of presentations, whereby each photographer is restricted to 20 slides and 20 seconds on each slide, resulting in a series of quickfire talks lasting exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds each.

Phoot Camp is an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop hosted by Laura Brunow Miner, founder of Pictory and former editor in chief of JPG Magazine. This Pecha Kucha evening coincides with an exhibition at The Old Market of work by previous Phoot Camp collaborators.

The photographers who will be included on the evening, include…

Laura Brinow Miner / www.phootcamp.com

Phoot Camp is an invite-only creative retreat and photography workshop hosted by Laura Brunow Miner, founder of Pictory and former editor in chief of JPG Magazine. (Yes, thats P-H-O-O-T, a nod to O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, a retreat for the best and brightest in the tech industry.) Picture forty-eight hours of photo walks, portrait challenges, slideshows, s’more making, and general creative collaboration. Phoot Camp started in October of 2009 at a campground in the bay area. Virb sponsored the 2010 and 2011 events and we were able to upgrade to an estate in the hills outside Los Angeles and then an RV park in Marfa, Texas, and also to this lovely website built on the Virb platform.

Ryan Schude / www.ryanschude.com

1979 – 1997 – Greater Chicagoland Area – growing, climbing, playing

1997 – 2003 – San Francisco Bay –  reading, writing, learning

2003 – 2006 – San Diego – shooting, driving, flying

2006 – Current – Los Angeles – making, lotsa, stuff

Lauren Randolph / www.photolauren.com

I am Lauren Randolph, a creative, Fine Art and Commercial photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Whether it is a staged shoot or a candid moment, I aim to bring out the personality and life of my subject. Those who follow my work have commented on the color, vibrancy, and fantasy of my art – through this I have adopted the colorful nickname “Lauren Lemon.”

Gabriela Herman / www.gabrielaherman.com

Gabriela Herman is a portrait, fine art and lifestyle photographer. Her work focuses on what she knows: herself, her family, her communities. She invites the viewer to share in her experiences and is known for an intimate and comfortable approach with her subjects. Her work has been featured in Wired, Life, The Atlantic, Esquire, Phaidon, Gizmodo, and dozens of other online and offline publications. Clients include Martha Stewart Living, Time Out, Outside Magazine and French Glamour. She regularly shows her work in galleries and other public venues in the US and abroad. In 2011 she was selected for Critical Mass Top 50 and in 2010 she was named a “Top Emerging Photographer” by the Magenta Foundation.

Michelle Alexis Newman / www.michellealexisnewman.com

Originally from Seattle, Michelle received her BFA in photography and now lives and works in Los Angeles.  She is drawn to humor and handwriting. She is a member of Phoot Camp and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the United States.

Matthew Brush / www.matthewbrush.com

When he was seven, Matthew’s family packed up everything went on a one-way road trip from Dallas to Seattle. They bought him a vivtar 110, and from that point on he’s been working up to this.

Drawing from a formal graphic design education and from a decade of literally chasing moments and people over mountains, into deserts, through parking garages and restaurants and city streets into one ocean or another, Matthew creates compelling images. Images that emote and inspire, and when appropriate, make you laugh.

An accomplished athlete, and photographer, observer of people and culture, Matthew is drawn to those moments and scenes rich in expression, athleticism and style. From dynamic sports like parkour to simple, beautiful, wondrous whatever. To any and all kinetic occasions in life, however subtle, which do something for us. Say something. Mean something. Are something.

To that point, Matthew will do whatever it takes to get a shot. Run through traffic, fall off a chairlift, hang from a cliff, talk to everybody and anybody. He believes in complete and total immersion in a scene and environment, and in the job, whatever it takes to make the photograph. And make it right.

It’s like this, Matthew loves his work.

“It’s not about simple or complex lighting scenarios, the mundane or the lavish, or ignoring beautiful natural light when it’s present. It’s about knowing how to see, create and combine them to make the perfect shot.” – Matthew

Cheyne Gallarde / www.firebirdphoto.com

Hi, my name is Cheyne (it’s pronounced “Shane”) and I’m a Scorpio who was born and raised in Honolulu. I collect vintage cameras. I love cartoons and cereal (sometimes together.) I have acted on radio & stage, which is where my costuming and lighting style originates. I also have a Polaroid camera tattooed on my arm.

Beto Ruiz Alonso / www.betoruizalonso.com

Beto Ruiz Alonso was born in Mexico and once backpacked all over Latin America taking photographs for four years straight. After 7 years in Argentina he’s backpacking again, this time all over Europe. He’s been invited to the creative retreat Phoot Camp twice and loves cheese.

Adrienne Pitts / www.adrienne.co.nz

Adrienne Pitts is an award-winning art director, designer and photographer from sunny New Zealand. Her obsession with design started back in primary school, when she would pay more attention to the presentation of her school projects than to the projects themselves. After a while she realised there were people that did this type of thing for a job, and the desire to become a designer took hold. At the age of 16 she took up photography, and it quickly became a huge passion.

She holds a Bachelor of Design degree with First Class Honours (you have to slip that in where you can). She has worked as both a graphic designer and photographer in a number of roles around the world and is currently based in London, art directing a magazine she loves, and gets out and about with her camera as often as she can. Which is of course never often enough.

She has a weakness for puppies and coffee.

In June 2012 she was extremely honoured to be named Designer of the Year in the prestigious PPA Awards.

(She also dislikes talking about herself in the third person, but she figures that’s what she’s supposed to do in this type of situation).

Mark Lobo / www.marklobo.com.au

Mark Lobo is a photographer that finds his inspiration through the people that surround him, traveling and through his many side projects.  Von Vintage, his current project, is a film photography series which takes a look at the keepsakes of the past, remembered through the eyes of a dying media.  Using old vintage film cameras, his images appear almost timeless, photographs that could have been shot half a century ago, or yesterday.  

Often bringing his studio out on location, he combines technical precision and natural expression to form his well recognised and colourful style.  Playing off the surrounding environment and the genuine nature of his subjects, the result is both spontaneous and polished.

In 2012, Mark continues to photograph both commercially and for the Von Vintage project, exhibiting and selling his prints online.

Henry Busby / www.henrybusby.com

photographer / filmmaker / painter

Supporter of optimism. Lover of a cold, cold beer.

Based in Alabama or sometimes out of his backpack.

Michael Forster Rothbart / www.mfrphoto.photoshelter.com

Photojournalist Michael Forster Rothbart’s work explores the human impacts of environmental change. A Fulbright Fellowship enabled him to spend two years in Chernobyl, photographing and interviewing those who remain a generation after the 1986 accident. Past projects have taken him to Bhopal, India, the Semey Polygon nuclear testing site in Kazakhstan, oilfields in Azerbaijan and Pennsylvania, and the Canadian Arctic.

Forster Rothbart is exploring these themes again in two new projects, After Fukushima and Fracking Pennsylvania. He now lives in upstate New York and photographs primarily for newspapers and educational institutions.

… and Kevin Meredith / www.lomokev.com

I am not what most people would consider to be an average photographer. Armed with a selection of compact film cameras, I never leave home without one and I am always ready to capture anything that happens around me. I always have on going projects which I am always adding whether it be my photographs of Brighton swimming club, montage portraits or Festival Wellies.

In October 2008 my first solo book Hot Shots was released in the UK, it sold out its UK and US print runs in under a year.  It is an instructional book for everyday people and is intended to help them sex up their photography, without being too bogged down in technical jargon. Since then I have written a 2nd book Photo Op (US title) / 52 Photographic Projects (UK title). This book goes more in depth in to 52 different photo graphic techniques. I have a passion for passing on my knowledge of photography and regularly teach photography courses. At the start of 2011 my 3rd book Toy Cameras was published, this book is lists 40 different toy cameras and lists the quirks.

I have also had work published in two Lomo photographic books, one called “Spirit” and the other, “Don’t Think Just Shoot.” My work has also featured in a range of publications including Photo Pro Magazine, DSLR user magazine, Olympus User Magazine, Russian Esquire, Sonntagszeitung, and the BBC news website. I was a regular contributor to JPG magazine from when it first launched in 2005. In 2006 I was on the panel of judges in New York for flickr.com’s “Blink of the Eye” photo competition and judged again in 2008 for pixish.com’s “The SXSW Gallery Show” competition. I work commercially as a photographer for a range of different clients which have included Phillips, The Times, The Commonwealth Games 2002, Dr Martens, Stomp, Dell and Imogen Heap.


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