As Miniclick gets closer and closer to our 10th Birthday in September (10 years of hosting free photography talks, workshops and exhibitions!), we welcome another friend to take over one of our Brighton talks.


Please note, this event has been postponed. We want everyone to be able to come along and enjoy it and right now there’s some people that won’t feel comfortable being in crowds (for good reason). This is a postponement though, not a cancelation, so once everything has settled down we will be working with Jody and Rachel at Another Escape to plan a new date. Thanks, Jim



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Another Escape interviewed us for their first ever issue, many years ago, in what was our first ever print feature. Since then, their publication has become well known for its ability to tell stories and engage readers with nature and the outdoors. Their beautiful storytelling through photography, writing and illustration encourages us to connect with the natural world in meaningful ways so we become active stewards of our planet.
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We’re delighted to welcome Jody and Rachel (back) to Brighton for a special evening where they’ll take us through how they put together an issue of Another Escape, how they combine writing and photography, and some behind the scenes tales of the stories they’ve told down the years.
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