LEEDS: WORK IN PROGRESS TALKS with Alec Aarons, Joanne Crawford and Stuart McCloskey + PORTFOLIO REVIEWS 30th Oct ’19

For October, Miniclick Leeds are hosting an evening of photography talks and portfolio review sessions. We will present 3 short talks where a group of photographers (listed below) will present their works-in-progress, followed by an open guided portfolio review speed dating session that all are welcome to join. The review sessions are part of a support programme Miniclick would like to encourage the use of, and offer participants of any level the chance to receive feedback on their work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Reviews will be given in a speed dating format with us here at Miniclick, Jo Crawford, Joe Torr and Angela Sheard on the panel.


Wednesday 30th Oct, 2019. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm

The Brunswick, Leeds




Attendance to the talks is free and open to all.

The review is also free and open to people of all levels and experience, but please email bryony@miniclick.co.uk in advance if you’d like to be involved.

Our speakers are…

Alec Aarons

A recent graduate of Leeds Arts University, Alec Aarons adopts a slow and international approach when photographing people and places. Talking about his practice, Alec will be showing recent work made after finishing his studies, a series of quiet and withdrawn landscapes of New York and Los Angeles.

Picture 097

Joanne Crawford

Joanne Crawford is a Leeds based lifestyle and editorial photographer.  Working with clients such as: The Guardian, The Hepworth, MADE, and English Heritage she specialises in working for makers and creators capturing their processes and their spaces. Joanne will be discussing her out recent work meeting and photographing women aged 45-65 to discuss their life, what they’ve done, what they’ve seen and where they are at now.

Anh-Tran-8390 (1)

Stuart McCloskey

Stuart McCloskey is a photographic artist currently exploring the relationship between photography and science, gradually investigating how the photographic image has been utilised to translate complex and abstract scientific ideas to the uninformed but curious viewer. Science is thought to be rigid, defined within a fixed set of rules and limits, devoid of creativity. However, at a closer look science begins to become a hugely imaginative field full of ingenuity and creative resolutions. Stuart is interested in how the two seemingly polarised disciplines can collaborate to broaden our understanding and knowledge of the human experience.

Miniclick talk initial image


Wednesday 30th Oct, 2019. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm

The Brunswick, Leeds



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