Worthing: Peer Reviews and Talks. May 9th, 2019

For May, Miniclick Brighton are heading along the coast to Worthing for an evening of photography talks and peer review sessions. We will present 4 short talks where a group of photographers (listed below) will present their works-in-progress, followed by an open guided peer review session that all are welcome to join. The review sessions are a continuation of a support programme Miniclick have been running over the last year, and offer participants of any level the chance to receive feedback on their work in small groups, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Thurs 9th May, 2019. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  

Colonnade House, 47 Warwick Street, Worthing, BN11 3DH

Free Entry.



Attendance to the talks is free and open to all. The review is also free and open to people of all levels and experience, but please email jim@miniclick.co.uk in advance if you’d like to be involved.

Our speakers are…

Sandra Harper



‘ I picked up a camera in my 30’s and kept going’ .

First documented a personal story in 2013 called ‘Hestelle – the carers story’ about my mother caring for my father living with Dementia . To refine story-telling skills attended a number of Photojournalism/Documentary workshops in  Chiang Mai (Thailand),   Sarajevo (Bosnia) and Mexico City (Mexico City ). From mid 2017 to the present , pursuing long term documentary with a church group called ‘Made For A Mission’ . ‘


Lauren Joy Kennett



I am a documentary and portrait photographer based in Brighton. Over the last 5 years, I have been developing my portfolio through personal documentary projects and commissioned portraits.

My work focuses on the interplay between identity and image, exploring how we inhabit the modern world and seeking to capture the narrative between person and place.


Bryony Good


Wall Border -2

Growing up surrounded by the desolate beauty of the Yorkshire landscape Bryony developed her work to explore the romanticised nostalgia and uncanny brutality landscapes can evoke.

For the past 12 years Bryony has been photographically exploring psychogeography of landscape. Working experimentally with photography as a tool to explore the land and the stories woven within it.

Currently Bryony is working on a body of work alongside writer Sofia Smith exploring folklore in the north. Landscapes of folkloric interest are represented through photography and  poetry exploring centuries old tales of coiners, witches, outlaws and ghosts haunting the corners of woodland and expanses of moors. Traces of history and imagination which have shaped the land, the people and the place.


Jim Stephenson



Jim Stephenson is an architectural photographer and film maker and the founder of The Miniclick Photography Talks. In 2013 Stephenson purchased a letter on eBay from a British reporter present at the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida in 1981. The letter, written to the reporters’ young nieces, conveys the anticipation and excitement of those present about to watch astronauts Truly and Engle make their journey into space and it culminates with the words “FLY HIGH BIG BIRD!”.

Stephenson will be introducing his new project as it exists at its very beginnings, a collage series based on this letter, made up of archive NASA images.



Thurs 9th May, 2019. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm.  

Colonnade House, 47 Warwick Street, Worthing, BN11 3DH

Free Entry.


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