Open Call for Images: Open House at Format 2017

This year, FORMAT Photography Festival will consider the topic of HABITAT. Minclickin collaboration with Blindboys (India) and in partnership with Delhi Photo Festival, have been invited to create a site-specific evolving installation within the exhibition space, to respond to the theme on a personal and community level – both locally and globally.

The end result will be a life sized ‘House of Cards’ where visitors will be invited to construct and adapt a giant cardboard structure made from a series of interlocking panels, printed with images submitted to our open call (see below for details on how to submit).


Image courtesy of the Internet Archive Book Image, Flickr Commons

We’re asking for submissions on the theme of ‘HOME’. Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’ ‘House of Cards’, we’ll then print a selection of the submissions on to individual giant sheets of corrugated card, each with slots cut into them to allow them to interlock. Visitors over the course of the festival will be allowed to interlock the images to create a growing, evolving, three-dimensional structural exhibition.

The remaining submissions will be turned into postcards, and visitors will be able to write a message to post to participants in Delhi, India. Open House is a collaboration between Miniclick and Format in the UK, and Blindboys andDelhi Photo Festival in India. A second incarnation of Open House will take place in New Delhi as part of the next edition of the festival in 2018.

eameshouseofcardsray copyeameshouseofcardsray copy

Charles & Ray Eames – House of Cards

All images will also be added to the The Heart Grows Fonder website. Scroll down for all the info on how to submit.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline is midnight on Sunday 5th March.

Submissions can be photography, illustration, graphic design, painting, short story or poem. Anything that can be printed on a sheet of paper.

Images based submissions must be 300dpi and 50cm along the long edge, RGB.

Text based submissions can be anything from 3 to 600 words.

When submitting work, please name the files as YOUR NAME_YOUR LOCATION_NUMBER (ie Jim Stephenson_Brighton_1)

There is no limit to how many submissions you can make.

Submissions will be credited as: Open House : Your Name / Your Location / 2017

Submissions (and any questions) should be sent to

Please note, all work submitted will be printed in black and white. The online archive will display submissions as they were originally submitted. If you wish, for colour images, you may submit one colour version for use in the online archive, and one black and white version for printing. This is not required however, and we can do the conversion for you.

By submitting work to The Heart Grows Fonder, you do not surrender any copyright or other rights to your submissions. Miniclick claims no copyright but you do agree to Miniclick, Blindboys, Format and Delhi Photo Festival using your submissions to promote Open House (including on our respective Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account), to printing it out for use in the events in Derby and New Delhi and to adding it to the online archive.  All work will always be credited whenever used.

Please note: For use on social media, images may be cropped.

Miniclick accept no responsibility for legal action taken against anyone submitting work for which they do not have the right to distribute.

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