Talk: On Work – Weds 27th April

As we move with frightening speed through 2016, we’re pleased to announce that our next free talk in Brighton will be on the topic of WORK and will feature Curtis James, who will be presenting “Something About Work” and Cat Garcia, discussing her project “Our Time”…


Wednesday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at  The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.


Cat Garcia




Cat Garcia works across portrait, reportage and advertising photography,  capturing people and places with a lightness of touch and sense of storytelling.  Her work celebrates individuality and the simple, authentic beauty of her subjects.

Cat’s personal series, entitled Our Time, was released as a book in 2014, documenting
the lives of 60 of Britain’s most creative talents including Sir Peter Blake, Bella Freud, Giles Deacon,  Gavin Turk, Fergus Henderson and Sir Paul Smith. The book combines black and white and colour portraits with telling incidental details from the ordinary lives of extraordinary people

Cat’s background in design and art direction is evident with a strong graphic approach to her photography.

Clients include adidas, Design Museum, Harrods, Lucas Hugh, Mr Porter,  Soho House, Tate Britain, Telegraph Luxury and The Independent on Sunday.

Curtis James

Copyright Jim Stephenson 2015.

Copyright Jim Stephenson 2015.

Something About Work

When we get ready for bed and set our alarm clocks for the next day, the laws of time are the same for all of us. We are about to sleep, whilst the clock next to us waits, it’s cogs or binary numbers shifting, preparing itself to drag us from our dreams and warm beds. In another part of the world, clocks and phones just like the ones next to our sleeping heads, are rolling along conveyor belts being put together by some other working humans.

All of us will all have 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds in our day. Some of how we spend that time will be very different and some of it will feel very similar. Some of us will spend a bit of that time sleeping, eating, playing and resting. Some of us will be the masters of our own time, and some of us won’t.

The thing this talk is most interested in, is what humans do and how they feel about work.

‘Something about Work’ will tell the stories of different workers from that moment their alarm clock bleeps, till the moment they reset it for another day. By observing everyday life, it will document how they behave, act and feel about work, using photography, film, sound and interviews to share their stories.

Something about work has been inspired by Curtis’s photography project Beyond Work. Beyond Work’s main aim is, even if only for a moment, to change the way we perceive other people at work, and hopefully to see them as humans with needs, dreams, families and lives outside of work.

Copyright Jim Stephenson 2015.

Most of the work Curtis does is driven by a simple thing, to inspire us all to make work (however you define that word) respectful, humane, kind and interesting so that it rewards people with more than money.

One of the projects that connects to that is Beyond Work. Curtis has spent the past few years photographing and observing people at work, from all walks of life. Beyond Work tells stories about humans at work with no judgement or glorification. It’s an attempt at unearthing the social, cultural and functional world of work, that’s become invisible in everyday life.

Curtis also runs an ethnographic research company called Fieldwork.


Wednesday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at  The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.


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