Event: Don’t Cut Me Out at Copeland Book Market – Sat Aug 1st

A new project for Miniclick, Don’t Cut Me Out is a response to the effects of government cuts in arts and education. The project will combine video, print, and collage works alongside a series of talks intended to inspire creativity within the community – to give people a voice.


The first incarnation of DCMO will be at Copeland Book Market 2015. We’ll be making short videos with volunteers which will later be made into flip books to form part of a growing installation piece. We’ll also be making our own protest posters, which will be displayed in the space. Join us for a peaceful protest!

Saturday 1st August, 1-6pm / Top floor lift shaft (opposite Frank’s Café)


Copeland Book Market, Bold Tendencies, 95A Rye Lane, London, SE15 4TG

DCMO is part of our wider The Heart Grows Fonder umbrella; a long form, site-specific project, which takes influence from Marshall McLuhan’s seminal text, The Medium is the Massage. THGF responds to McLuhan’s concerns about the distancing effect of technology and new media, creating online and print projects that aim to bring people together and form a worldwide creative community.


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