Event: A Common Origin – Tues 16th June, 2015

Something we’re really keen on at Miniclick is experimenting with the ways in which photography can exist outside of ‘the photography bubble’. With events and projects like The Heart Grows Fonder and Photographer Writer Illustrator, we’ve tried to encourage photography to play nicely alongside other creative disciplines. These sorts of collaborations have spawned some of the most exciting bodies of works, personal reactions and experiments in Miniclick’s last five years. With that in mind, and to coincide with the launch of Homogen, an exhibition of new collaborative work from illustrator Billy Mather and photographer Jim Stephenson, Miniclick present A Common Origin – a panel discussions featuring artists and designers from different disciplines talking about why we should all be linking up. All housed in the incredible former Fruit and Veg market at Circus St, Brighton.


Tuesday 16th June. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 6:30pm.

Free Entry at Circus Street, Brighton.


BillyJim (Billy Mather / Jim Stephenson)

The panel will be chaired by photographer and Miniclick founder, Jim Stephenson and will feature…

Billy Mather (Illustrator) 24

“One of the most brilliant illustrators in Brighton, with a particular talent for hilarious drawings of dream-like comic worlds” – Source Magazine


Simon James (Musician)


With over 20 years experience making music, programming electronic instruments and manipulating sound, Simon’s unique approach has its basis in experimentation and striving to explore new territory.

Simon’s curiosity, imagination and passion for creating distinctive music, radio and sound design have resulted in invitations to perform at the BFI and Royal Festival Hall and led to work with Massive Attack, UNKLE and most recently collaborating with Toy Drum on film and TV projects.

His records, including single ‘The Beam’ – a radiophonic ride aboard a fantastical mid-century Monorail, have been championed by Nick Luscombe, presenter of BBC Radio 3’s The Late Junction. His new band Black Channels release a 10” single on cult horror soundtrack label Death Waltz Records in July 2015.


Sofia Smith (Writer)


(image Jack Latham, from Sugar Paper Theories – a collaboration with Sofia Smith)

Sofia’s writing, both commissioned and otherwise, is largely informed by extensive research, a critical aspect to her process and approach she honed whilst studying for her BA in English from Plymouth University and MA in Critical and Creative Writing from Sussex University.

She continues to work closely with a number of artists and groups, including The Miniclick Press, leading their editing team and producing a number of creative commissions for publication.

Collaboration lies at the core of much of her work, along with the belief that the imaginative process, whether to produce a photograph, a drawing, a poem or a non-fiction piece, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Most recently, she is working closely with photographer Jack Latham on the Sugar Paper Theories – an exploration into a historic Icelandic crime case from the 1970‘s, producing a written narrative to sit along side Jack’s images and photographs sourced from police archives.

She also regularly works as a research assistant for exhibitions and books.

Ironically, despite the fact she offers an ‘Artist’s Bio’ service on her website, she has the same problem as many other creative individuals and despises writing or even speaking about her own creative processes and projects.

|t’s like pulling teeth. Please don’t ask her to elaborate.


Ellen de Vries


This time last year, Ellen de Vries started work on a project that she took to the Arctic Circle with five performers. 

A flamenco dancer, two physical performers, a classical musician and a half-human-size puppet called Gustav travelled to Northern Norway to devise a performance piece at Figurenteatret, Stamsund. This formed the culmination of her work on an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice with the Central School of Speech and Drama, and went on to be performed at The Little Angel Theatre in London.

Ellen is interested in the language that a group of collaborators create between disciplines in order to conceive an entirely new concept. As a writer, maker and a puppeteer, she’s fascinated by what happens when disciplines collide and the struggle to define what is entirely new.

In her day job, Ellen works in the digital industry, where the same principles apply. She’s a content strategist, which means she’s spends her days organising information, defining language tone and style, and making sure organisations get their story straight whichever medium they choose to tell it in.


Scott Jones (Fashion)


Scott Jones is a Designer & Stylist working in London.

Starting out in Graphic Design then working as a Tailor, Scott amalgamated the two and went into Menswear design. Designing for Ozwald Boateng on Savile Row before going freelance. Scott has worked with a variety of clients in a styling capacity including Reebok, Carhart, Bench, Kassabian and Nike.

Scott likes clothes, some would say maybe too much.


Tuesday 16th June. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 6:30pm.

Free Entry at Circus Street, Brighton.



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