Day 14 – The Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar, 2014

GOST featured heavily in our Photobook Advent Calendar last year, partly down to the quality of the work they published, but also down to the care and attention that goes into the design. Behind today’s door of the Photobook Advent Calendar, Lou takes us through a new GOST edition, Rafel Milach’s ‘The Winners’…

Published in 2014 by GOST, Rafal Milach’s new book, The Winners, is a collection of images made by Milach in Belarus from 2011. The project (neatly outlined on the book’s cover), follows Milach’s documentation of a series of ‘winners’; people (or places) championed in various state and local competitions, all of which were supported by the Belarusian authorities. From the relatively generic (the best Policeman in Minsk), to the more unconventional (the best staircase in Minsk), The Winners offers a glimpse into the systematic ideological control at play under the glossy surface of these seemingly celebratory accolades.

The Winners

As a book, The Winners is an engaging experience; with each image individually tipped in by hand, being lifted to reveal the description of the depicted accolade, it arguably showcases the publisher’s signature innovative design at its best.

The Winners

Milach is also co-founder of the Sputnik photography collective, who showed some fascinating work at this year’s Brighton Photo Biennial, and are well worth a look.

The book is available from GOST and costs £40.

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