Friday 25th July, Heart Grows Fonder Launch Party, Brighton

On Friday 25th July at our unofficial clubhouse, the Fitzherberts in Brighton, we’ll be putting on (another) launch party to kick off a new project that will lead up to our programme for the Brighton Photo Fringe and Biennial in October…


Inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book “The Medium is the Massage” we’re launching a brand new in-print and online experimental participatory on the importance of communication and community . It’s called “The Heart Grows Fonder” and you can read all about it here.

As with all the Miniclick parties, it’ll be a great night, with live projections, DJs and dancing.

Friday July 25th. 7pm. Free Entry at The Fitzherberts, Brighton. Free Entry.

(image from “The Medium is the Massage” by Malcolm McLuhan)

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