The Photobook Advent Calendar – Dec 3rd

This year, in the true spirit of Christmas, we’re doing the Miniclick Photobook Advent Calendar where we’ll look at a different photobook, newspaper, magazine or ‘zine we like by someone we’ve worked with in the last 12 months, right up until Christmas Day.

Day 3 – December 3rd

Another Escape Magazine Volume 2

It’s day three of the Advent Calendar and we’re looking at our good friends and (until recently…) fellow Brightonians, Another Escape magazine. As well as interviewing Miniclick co-curators, Lou Miller and Jim Stephenson for their Volume 1, AE were at our Paper Fair in November for the Fringe.


“The stories from the people involved in this volume simply astounded us. We went in search of inspiring individuals, and came back with our ideas challenged and perspectives broadened. Paraphrasing Nick Hand, cyclist and storyteller, ‘people are quite often extraordinary without even realising it’, which is definitely true of those that we met in the making of this volume.

We all have stimuli, and inspirations can be so varied; so subjective, and so personal. It is the people that we met – those that drive the stories and bring the features to life – that truly inspire us. From fumbling around limestone caves 200 feet underground in search of ochre pigment with a seventh generation miner, to clambering up rock-faces with boulder-climbers, to grazing on the urban landscape with an urban forager, to tending to bees on London’s high-rise tower blocks with an enthralled beekeeper – these people are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, and it is often their fervid spirits that most excite us.

We celebrate the real people behind ideas, practices and processes; they are what make them interesting. Equally behind Another Escape there are real people too. And like those that we feature, we also have our quirks and imperfections – Another Escape is very much a work in progress; a journey to discovery, and we’d like to invite you along for the ride.”

Under the leadership of Rachel Maria Tayler and Jody Daunton, and only two volumes in, Another Escape has already made it’s mark on anyone interested in magazines, photography, illustration and writing, as well as ideas and stories. Published biannually, the first thing to say about it is that it smells really good, like magazines should do.

We’re focusing on Volume 2 here, as Volume 1 has completely sold out. It features two great photographic essays by Gregg Funnel and recent One Eyed Jack’s exhibitor, Brian Schutmaat. Throughout, there’s some great articles (which include excellent accompanying photography and illustrations), including work on urban foraging and innner-city beekeeping. The highlight for us though is a mammoth article entitled “Animal Vegetable Mineral” that looks at the origins of pigments and colours.

A lot of the photography has a bit of a cinematic touch to it, and it’d be great to see what would happen if they branched into mini documentaries to accompany the articles. The design is elegant, and splitting the magazine into four sections (Inspiration, Exploration, Process and Response) works very well. And PAGE NUMBERS! How nice to read a magazine that goes to the effort of doing a contents page AND then putting numbers on ALL the pages – something sorely missing in a lot of the more commercial magazines.

Another Escape costs £8 and is widely stocked, plus you can always get Volume 2 online.


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