Miniclick & Portrait Salon Exhibition / Tues 8th Oct

We love Portrait Salon. We’ve worked with them quite a few times in the past, and joined them for numerous discussions as well. This year our founder, Jim Stephenson, is one of the judges and Miniclick are also jointly curating an exhibition with them.

Opening with a party on the evening of Tuesday 8th October (from 7pm), Brighton’s Hotel Pelirocco will be exhibiting a series of 10 photographs from the last 2 year’s of Portrait Salon’s newspaper, curated by the Salon and Miniclick. The event is very kindly supported by the lovely people at Metro Imaging, who are providing all the prints for us.


Launch Party: Tuesday October 08th, 7pm. Free Entry at Hotel Pelirocco.

Ski Touring Afghanistan March 2012

(Photo by James Robertson)

After the opening party, the exhibition will run until the launch of Portrait Salon 2013 on Tuesday November 12th (and we’ll be having another party then, at the Pelirocco, giving people the first chance to buy this year’s newspaper and see the photographers who were chosen).

The exhibition features work from Nick Ballon, Ben Gold, Duncan Nicol Robertson, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Harry Borden, Ian Atkinson, James Robertson, Nick Dolding, Tim Bowditch and Christina Theisen & Eleni Stefanou. 

Architecture and Interior Photography by Jim Stephenson

(Photo by Nick Dolding)

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Launch Party: Tuesday October 08th, 7pm. Free Entry at Hotel Pelirocco.

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