Giles Duley / Tues 15th Oct

Last Spring a video of Giles Duley doing a TED Talk in London went online. The video appeared all over the place on social media a quite a few Miniclick regulars sent it to me and asked if we could get Giles down to do a talk for us. Giles’ very eloquent thoughts on why the story is the most important thing in photography echoes with a lot of the conversations we have behind the scenes at Miniclick. The video is inspirational and really worth watching (or re-watching)…

The combination of incredibly striking photography, his own sensitivity (and a delicate touch of humour when appropriate) and the stories Giles is highlighting drew us to him and we’re really pleased to announce he’ll be our speaker for October.

Tuesday October 15th, 7pm (doors at 6pm). Free Entry at The Old Market.

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Duley is a documentary and portrait photographer, born in 1971 in London. His work focuses on humanitarian projects, working with well-respected charities such as Doctors Without Borders, EMERGENCY, ICRC and UNHCR to highlight lesser-known stories deserving of public attention and action. Although documenting challenging, and at times, horrific situations, Giles captures the strength of those who fight adversity rather than succumb. His photographs draw the viewer to the subject, creating intimacy and empathy for lives differing from ours only in circumstance.

His work has taken him to South Sudan, DR Congo Angola, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ukraine, Jordan and Nigeria among others.

In 2011, whilst working in Afghanistan, Duley was severely injured by an IED. As a result of his injuries he is a triple-amputee.

In 2012 he returned to Afghanistan to continue his work as a photographer.

His work has been exhibited and published world wide in many respected publications including Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Sunday Telegraph, Observer and the Sunday Times.

Tuesday October 15th, 7pm (doors at 6pm). Free Entry at The Old Market.


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      • Sorry I didn’t see your reply. Yes I do see it after all, it’s just that I only scrolled down as far as the announcement for the 8th October, and went no further as I epected the list was in chronologival order.
        I think the rolling news format, especially when some of the posts are particularly long, shows its limits when there are lots of events going on. Maybe there’s a way to give a quick diary at the top? And there’s almost certainly a way to configure WordPress to only give a summary of each post, so that you click through to the full article, taking up less real estate on the main page, making it more easily navigable.

      • Thanks Pete (good to see you last night!). I agree, the limitations of this template aren’t ideal for what we do – we’re working on ways to fund a better suited site but in the meantime I’ve taken your advice and made a sticky post at the top that is a quick diary of what we have coming up. Hopefully that’ll help!

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