23/07/2013 Miniclick + Portrait Salon

As part of our portrait month, we’ve continued our collaboration with Portrait Salon, a form of Salon de Refusés which aims to show the best of the 6000+ unselected portraits for the Taylor Wessing Prize each year. We worked with Portrait Salon founders James O Jenkins and Carole Evans last year as part of our Brighton Fringe programme, and we thought they’d be the perfect partners for an event during portrait month at The Old Market.

James and Carole have curated a great evening for us; they’ll be introducing Portrait Salon, discussing their ethos and their plans for this year, and then they’ll hand over to five of the photographers that they featured last year. Each photographer will discuss their entry and their practice more generally and James and Carole will also share the details on how to get involved in next years entry.

PortraitSalon Logo

Portrait Salon is a form of Salon des Refusés – an exhibition of works rejected from a juried art show – which has a long tradition as a fringe way of showcasing artists’ work that may otherwise go unseen. Devised by Carole Evans and James O Jenkins, Portrait Salon aims to show the best of the unselected entries from the annual National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize. We figure that, out of the 6000+ rejected entries, there are excellent portraits which deserve to be seen.


Tuesday 23rd July, 7pm start (doors open at 6pm). The Old Market, Brighton. Free entry

The 5 photographers involved include…

Eleni Stefanou & Christina Theisen


Christina and Eleni’s collaborative work, Women with Tattoos, grew out of a strong friendship, and was driven by their shared passion for diverse female beauty and identity. Christina has just returned from a residency in Athens, Greece, where she has been exploring stillness and movement with dancers and physical performers. She studied photography at London College of Communication and works full-time on personal projects and as an Assisting Photographer. Eleni comes from a street photography background and is currently working on a personal project which explores the ‘human hug’.


David Brunetti


David Brunetti is an Italian documentary and reportage photographer based in London.

David’s personal projects are visual narratives gathered over extended periods of time that confront issues of human rights, migration, refugees, conflict and identity. With a particular interest in humanitarian issues affecting identity in (post) conflict situations David aims to capture images that will influence, leave lasting impressions, move and inspire.

David’s photography has featured in a variety of publications and recognition of his work has culminated in a number of photography awards. David Brunetti has been selected for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition on two occasions and his unsuccessful entry of Rahel has been included in the Portrait Salon 12.


Dominic Hawgood


Hawgood’s practice is conceptually driven and digitally based, creating work that deals with the idea of truth, what constitutes this and how the authentic is attained within a staged moment.  His work explores different levels of consciousness and contains hints of narrative, but often they are fractured, ruptured or only suggested.  He brings to his practice a specialism in lighting, merging photographic genres to subvert the accepted conventions of photographic representation, and picking apart the layers of construction, manipulation and assumption that permeate every image.


Sarah Faraday


“I’m a freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer. A former graduate of languages at Edinburgh University (French and German), I completed my postgraduate studies in Documentary Production at Salford University in 2002 and founded RipRoar Productions where I worked as a freelance documentary filmmaker delivering film projects in the Greater Manchester area to socially excluded young people and disadvantaged members of the community. I studied photography at L’Espace Jemmapes, Paris and Westminster College, London.

I am part of a collective looking at possessions and how they affect our identity.”


Tuesday 23rd July, 7pm start (doors open at 6pm). The Old Market, Brighton. Free entry

Details of speakers TBC – watch this space!

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