04/05/2013 – Miniclick Party

For little other reason than that we like a party, on Saturday 4th May, we’ll be having a bit of a knees up, upstairs at the Fitzherberts on New Road, Brighton.

No talks, no panel discussion, just some good music and good times. We’ve DJ sets from previous miniclick speakers, friends of miniclick and photography legends James Kendall, Ali Tollervey and Ewen Spencer.

In addition, we’ve organised a special lucky dip for the night. We’ve sent 20 disposable cameras out to 20 amazing photographers and on the night you’ll be able to reach into the Miniclick bag and pull out one of the undeveloped cameras for you to get prints from and create your own private album from the photographer who used the camera.

Photographers involved in the Lucky Dip include… Mark Power, Jack Latham, Matt Stuart, Jim Stephenson, Kristina Salgvik, Laura Pannack, Alex Catt, James O’Jenkins, Chris Floyd, Stuart Griffiths, Matt Martin, Richard Rowland, Kevin Meredith, Harry Watts, Murray Ballard, Jenny Wicks, MacDonaldStrand, Alex Bamford, James Kendall and Jean-Luc Brouard.

And one more thing – we’ll have the special Miniclick merchandise stand in attendance to sell copies of Publication#1 as well as badges, tote bags and our super limited edition screen printed T-Shirts. The t-shirts have been designed by Angela Chick, Laura Manfre and Adam Campbell, with Emily MacCauley designing the tote bag.

So, come along for a good old party!

Saturday, May 4th. Doors at 7pm. Free Entry, upstairs at the Fitzherberts, New Road, Brighton.

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