Mission Miniclick 002

A big thanks to all those who took part in Mission Miniclick 001, as set by Matt Stuart. We had some great entries into the Flickr group, and also for the speed review session we did last Thursday evening.

For Mission Miniclick 002, Alma Haser invites us to be a part of her Ten Seconds Project.

Inspired by her childhood games of hide and seek with her brother, Alma gives herself 10 seconds to try and hide or make herself as small as she possibly can before her camera goes off on self-timer. The photographs show Alma in a variety of domestic locations, with her adult body squeezed into confined spaces, never completely concealed, but also never revealing her true identity.

Here’s the Mission Rules from Alma…

1. Get your two cameras (one to take the picture and one to record the video,) and either using a tripod or by taping them together, try and get the cameras level and in the same direction. If you don’t have a tripod get creative and use furniture or other objects!
2. Find a small space / area to hide in. (TIP #1: Take a cue from the disguise-savvy Chameleon and utilise your wardrobe colour to help blend in with your surrounding environment!)
3. Set the camera’s self-timer to 10 seconds. Hit ‘Record’ on the video and then press the camera’s self-timer (TIP #2: It often makes for a better video if you don’t practice getting in the space before taking the picture. and please take all pictures and videos landscape.)
4. HIDE! (TIP #3: Curling into a tiny ball is pretty much as good as being invisible!)


Alma has invited us to submit your photos and videos to this project. You can do so by emailing alma@haser.org with “Ten Second Project” in the subject field. You will be credited, so please send her your name, occupation, blog or website, and country where your Ten Seconds took place.

About Mission Miniclick

Each month our speaker will set a Mission – a mini brief to be completed over the next month.

At the next Miniclick talk (on May 1st), you should bring a maximum of 3 prints of images taken in undertaking your Mission. Before the talk, everyone who took part can be involved in a peer review – featuring 60 second speed reviews where, in the style of speed dating, attendees have 60 seconds to review each others work, and a group chat about the Mission afterward. Then, we all watch the next talk and wait for our next Mission.

If you can’t make the talks you can also upload your Mission work to our flickr group – in fact, even if you can, joining the group and uploading is definitely encouraged!

NB: This isn’t about judging each other’s work. Everyone is on the same level. There’s no awards, commendations or competitive element. It’s about getting together, supporting each other and maybe trying something you might not have done otherwise.

If you’d like to be involved, please email miniclick@clickclickjim.com

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