Mission Miniclick 001

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mission Miniclick.

Each month our speaker will set a Mission – a mini brief to be completed over the next month.

At the next Miniclick talk you should bring a maximum of 3 prints of images taken in undertaking your Mission. Before the talk, everyone who took part can be involved in an hour of peer review – featuring 60 second speed reviews where, in the style of speed dating, attendees have 60 seconds to review each others work, and a group chat about the Mission afterward. Then, we all watch the next talk and wait for our next Mission.

(if you can’t make the talks you can also upload your Mission work to our flickr group – in fact, even if you can, joining the group and uploading is definitely encouraged!)

NB: This isn’t about judging each other’s work. Everyone is on the same level. There’s no awards, commendations or competitive element. It’s about getting together, supporting each other and maybe trying something you might not have done otherwise.

If you’d like to be involved, please email miniclick@clickclickjim.com

Our first Mission is set by last night’s speaker, Matt Stuart, who spoke a lot about his fascination with body language…

Without bruising the situation, communicate in a photo how we physically communicate with each other (no kissing).


Big thanks to Curtis James for coming up with this idea! Curtis will also be creating the special binders that attendees will be able to keep all their work in, and that will include the golden rules of reviewing others work! If you’d like to take part, you have one month to complete the Mission.

Please email miniclick@clickclickjim.com to let us know!

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