23rd Oct 2012 / MacDonaldStrand Artist’s Tour & Talk

The miniclick photography talks present MacDonaldStrand talking about their work to coincide with their exhibition for the Brighton Photo Fringe. Tuesday October 23rd, 7pm. The Regency Town House, Brighton and Hove. Free Entry.

To coincide with their exhibition for the Brighton Photo Fringe, the miniclick photography talks present an evening with MacDonaldStrand (Gordon MacDonald and Clare Strand) who will be giving a tour of their new work at The Regency Town House, and answering questions.

Highlights of the exhibition include;

101 Photographers, 101 Subjects -Two large-scale cabinets containing miniature models of photographers in one, and models of their possible subjects in the other. The cabinets will be separated in a large room and visitors will be encouraged to consider the relationship between viewer and viewed as well as the photographer’s self-set position as cultural and social surveyor and commentator.

George and Pat Beacher- Commissioned for the Krakow Photo Festival, George and Pat Beacher, The Abbotsbury Album is the story of a young couple in the late 50s who toured the coastal resorts of the South of England making photographs as they went. The photographs were always of the pair
in acrobatic balances and were part of an elaborate courting ritual, but were also, accidentally, precursors to the conceptual art movement in the UK.

1992 to 1995 Shredded – 1992 to 1995 Shredded is a new sculpture made up of a large glass box mounted on an old wooden tripod. The box contains the shredded student work of MacDonald and Stand, which had become both irrelevant to their current practice and difficult to store. Through the glass box it is possible to see small fragments on images and to imagine what the photographs might represent, but ultimately one is left unable to decipher the work as anything other than colours, form or waste.

Most Popular of All Time – Most Popular of All Time is the result of a survey of the many online lists of the most popular photographs of all time. These photographs have become so ubiquitous that it is hard to see their content any more and they have become detached from their context. Here MacDonaldStrand have reduced them to a series of lines and numbered dots and turned them into dot-to-dot drawings for the audience of the exhibition to fill in, colour and hang as part of the exhibition.

MacDonaldStrand Presents

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