Brighton: COMMON FUTURES with Alexander Missen, 19th April ’18

To mark the opening of his new exhibition at The Fishing Quarter Gallery, Miniclick will be in discussion with Alexander Missen at the private view, finding out more about his COMMON FUTURES work.


Thurs 19th April, 2018, 6:30pm. Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


Alexander Missen

S_I_7_12 001

Picture 001

From the series Common Futures © Alexander Missen

Alexander Missen is a British photographer living and working in London. He is currently represented by Francesca Maffeo Gallery, where he has recently completed the first solo show of his long term project Q&A.

Missen’s personal work seeks to examine the cyclical nature of the relationship between ideas and their aesthetics, and how often this is simultaneously recorded and created it through photography. His series Q&A explores the nature of myth when applied to a collective understanding of the United States, investigating the relationship between a place and its own mythos. Missen visited 40 states, over 4 years, capturing America’s cultural markers – the flags, the cars, the mountain ranges – and critically examining their propagation as undoubted realities.

Intrigued by the concept that continued representation of these markers can create a sense of familiarity for the viewer, despite never having visited the place itself, Missen hopes to unpick these symbols, and in turn, the myth of America.  His work evokes a cinematic representation of idealised American culture – bigger, better, but ultimately, a mythical, indistinct story.

Missen has since gone on to work on a project entitled ‘Common Futures’ in which he attempts to continue his investigation into the visual commonalities of human culture, this time dealing with the abstract notion of ‘the future’. Practically this has entailed photographing and sourcing imagery from various institutions who have an innate relationship with cutting edge technology and the design language we have historically considered to be ‘futuristic’.  This thus far includes: European Space Agency facilities at German Aerospace and Die Neue Sammlung Design Museum at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and archive images from NASA in the 1950/60s.


Thurs 19th April, 2018, 7pm. Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton. 

Free Entry.


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