01/05/2013 – Brighton MA Photography Pecha Kucha

Last year we got together with the Brighton University MA Photography course to put on a Pecha Kucha night, with each member of the course doing a short talk on their work on the same night. It went so well, that we’ve decided to do it again with the new batch of final year students.

Pecha Kucha is a lively format of presentations, whereby each photographer is restricted to 20 slides and 20 seconds on each slide, resulting in a series of quickfire talks lasting exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds each.

Wednesday, May 1st. Doors at 6pm, talks start at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton & Hove.

The lineup includes 11 speakers in one evening…

Alastair Rodgers


Alastair originally studied a Ba(hons) in fine art at the Cardiff School of Art & Design, it was there he first began to work with photography as a medium. Graduating from his undergraduate degree he signed up to the Ma photography course at Brighton, wanting to learn more about photography in an environment geared specifically towards the subject.

At the moment his current project is based around the idea of the surface, in particular surfaces found within landscapes and portraiture. The idea being to juxtapose the two against each other to create a strong visual aesthetic and reflect on the limitations of portrait photography.


Andrew Pengilly


Andrew’s interest in photography has until recently been part of his graphic design practice. Andrew Studied BA Graphic design at Brighton were he won a national photography award, the judging process required submitting a portfolio of work fortunately the chair of the awards committee was Alan Fletcher, founder of Pentagram a leading international design agency Andrew’s portfolio of design projects resulted in him also being offered his first job as a graphic designer.
He went on to become creative director at a number of London agencies  before moving to Paris as creative director of Carre Noir, with responsibility for the agencies design for print division. He has won numerous design awards and judged at D&AD. In 2000 he created his own agency A2 design.
He has recently rekindled his interest in photography by doing an MA Photography at University of Brighton, returning to pick up photography he left off 30 years ago. His interest has developed around observations of place, light vision and imagination while observing the effects off the break up of the digital file. His work and projects have a close tie to 19th century painters, Turner, Whistler and Goethe’s observations of the effect of light. His work also references the camera obscura and Daguerreotypes.
His interest in graphic design has been fundamental to presenting his work in book form, believing in some instances the book form can strengthen the presentation of a photographic project.
While producing his own book projects he noticed the absence of a quality service for artists wanting to produce books in limited editions. To fill this gap he applied his extensive experience and knowledge of design, print and binding to offer a quality bespoke self publishing service under Format Editions


Charlie Smith

nebulae 0747

Charles Morgan Smith is a photographic artist based in Brighton. He received a BA (Hons) in Photography from Southampton Solent University in 2010 and is currently studying for an MA in Photography at the University of Brighton. Through his work Smith responds to the aesthetics of astrophotography and the ways in which scientists depict the cosmos.  His interests include the ways in which photography is utilised as a means of representation and interpretations of beauty and the sublime. Through his most current work; UDF and Emissio, Smith has used images of the banal and everyday and created a series of ‘astrophotographs’, exploring notions of scale, aesthetics and the limitations of photography and representation.

Elin Karlsson


Elin Karlsson is a photographer based in the south of England. She grew up in Sweden and moved to the UK in 2007. She is studying an MA in photography at Brighton University while running the online photography magazine Introdex. She is a part of the artist collective Interlope.



“I chose to study finance in the university since I wanted to found my own music label then and was well aware that capital budgeting is one of the most crucial part of running it. However, after seeing the album cover photo of The Clash’s “London Calling” in the sophomore, I changed my mind about entering music industry. Just at that time I totally realized how powerful a photograph could be, as it condenses emotions and concepts. Being affected by the dynamic image, I aspired to immerse myself in the study of photography as a step stone to create contagious works.

Therefore, I joined the photo club in my school and took several related courses in the next few years. The most influential and inspiring one was the one taught by Taiwanese fine art photographer, Ben Yu. Through making a series of self portraits in his course, I realized the process of producing a body of works could be the process of constructing deeper intimacy with self. Moreover, to me, the pleasure of knowing how I could perfect a work is equal to creating a fine one, and this belief reinforced my desire to pursue a master degree of photography.”

James Finlay


Following a career in international advertising management James began a new journey that inspirited a talent in photography. His image making began as travel photographic journals that soon caught the attention of The Royal Geographical Society where he first exhibited his initial body of work in 1999. He continued his practice within the commercial, editorial and charity sectors instigating and receiving commissions for numerous projects around the UK and USA.  

In his career to date Finlay has had work published in educational and reference books along with being exhibited in numerous galleries in the the UK and USA.

Currently Finlay is completing his MA in Photography at the University of Brighton working on Union looking at the relationship of England and Scotland in light of the Scottish Referendum vote on 18th September 2014. His self initiated book projects with Henley Royal Regatta and Lord’s Cricket Ground working alongside Getty Images are due to be published in the Autumn of 2013.


Joy Stacey


Joy Stacey’s work examines visual representations of political subjects, exploring the relationship between the subject, photographer and audience. Her current works in progress include a project on Immigration Removal in Glasgow, an examination of the visual fetishisation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and a collaboration with former Islamist and founder of the Quilliam Foundation Maajid Nawaz.

Kayung Lai


Kayung Lai is a British Chinese photographic artist; her practice explores cultural identity within the context of globalisation through avenues of postcolonial theory. She is interested in using photography as a way of seeking and deconstructing cultural signs, to reveal the operation of myth and fantasy underlying our cultural processes. In 2011 she received a BA (Hons) in Photography from Falmouth University, and upon graduation she was selected as a finalist for Source Graduates and published in Source Photographic Review. In 2012 Lai was a finalist for the Art Catlin Guide, which marked the annual showcase of emerging art graduates in the UK. Following this she has been a finalist in various competitions, most recently at the Salon Art Prize 2012. Lai is currently studying a Masters in Photography at the University of Brighton.

Rich Cutler


Rich Cutler has a degree in chemistry. That might not be the most obvious statement with which to announce his interest in photography  – but what drew him to science lies at the heart of his fascination with lens-based images. There is of course the natural connection between the two of silver, but it is their common drive to explore and understand that compels him.

Rich came to photography rather late in life, but it took a deep hold on him, and he was awarded an Associateship Distinction in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society, which also exhibited his work internationally. But, with his strictly technical background, Rich felt the lack of cultural and art historical context, and this led him to apply for a master’s degree in photography at the University of Brighton.

Rich is compelled by images of time and symbolism. Despite depicting  decay and the past, his photographs are about life and the present: they may be seen as reminders of mortality, but in doing so they exhort us to take chances, to live life to the full: carpe diem.


Sharon O’Neill

ATS 079

Sharon O’Neill’s photographic practice draws from the sphere of social documentary photography and concentrates primarily on people and places that from the outside seem unexceptional, and by the very nature of their everyday-ness, are overlooked.
Through her photography she explores the ebb and flow of life, the ordinary, and the external factors that can alter the delicate balance of a place or a community.  Her work gently observes it’s fabric and details and incorporates archival and reference material both personal and historical to build a portrait of the lives she is focused on.
Born in Kent, Sharon currently lives in London and has over 15 years experience in the photography industry. She now divides her time between her photographic practice and her work as a picture editor at The Sunday Times.

Yuxi Si

Yuxi Si 001

“After four years’ study in Beijing Film Academy as photography major, I still want learn more about photography. Therefore, I came to the UK and studied MA photography. My works “Seduction and Confusion” were displayed in “2011 Jing Ao Collegiate Image. And work “Simple life” was displayed in Ping Yao International Photography Festival.

Recently, I interest in the relationship between two person. One day, I was on the bus, I notice that two road was crossing. It real likes the relationship between two person (half and half). Everyone have own character. When they have been together, they need to take out the half of themselves to give a space for their partner. It should be equal to everyone in a relationship. People should forgive or compromise each other and find a balance. In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing.

I trying to visite some couple, who came from different countries, like England, China, America, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan, talking about how to train the capacity of managing their relationship. They fall in love for some years from 1 year to 10years. Through interview, I found that everyone have their own the way they deal with their relationship, like make a concession when they are fighting, keep own space in same space when they have different hobby. They always find a balance between insistence and compromise in the relationship. Therefore, theme of this project is “balance”.”

Mu-Tien Tammy Ho


Taiwanese photographer, currently living in Brighton, UK.

Tammy’s works started as black and white urban landscape. After few years of darkroom experience, she turns to digital equipment to explore scenes of everyday life she is personally related to, as some works include performative and self-portraits. From exterior to interior, now she keeps observing the space where human activity takes place and the cultural phenomenon within it.


Wednesday, May 1st. Doors at 6pm, talks start at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton & Hove.

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